Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And now a long distance dedication...

To tell Bobo Brooks to go fuck himself.

Being a liberal, I'm a person who sees a lot of "grays" in life, where there are answers, but it requires a lot of thought.

Nevertheless, there are bright lines of right and wrong. And being a "rock critic" for David Brooks is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

Let's just start out with the critically wrong:

The 1970s were a great moment for musical integration. Artists like the Rolling Stones and Springsteen drew on a range of musical influences and produced songs that might be country-influenced, soul-influenced, blues-influenced or a combination of all three. These mega-groups attracted gigantic followings and can still fill huge arenas.

Yeah, the Stones and the 1970s, what a glorious era that was for them musically compared that that "fallow" period that was the 60s.

Bobo, the 1970s gave us fuckin' DISCO...



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