Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Osmond Family Endorses Mitt Romney

How totally unexpected. Now if Mitt locks up the Duggars he's pretty much got a plurality of the GOP base locked up (if they can keep from mounting each other long enough to go vote in the primaries).

Of course, you know what this means...

Doorbells ring - in the mornin’? It's our "Mission" for Implorin'.
That Mitt's Number One for replacin' God's son!
Presidin' in his Mormon Underwear.

He's good lookin' there's no denying, for his pants K-Lo's tryin'.
But he's purer than Christ, and at least twice as nice!

Posin' in his Mormon underwear.

On FoxNews Sean can build us a strawman,
then pretend that Mormons are okay.
People will say, "Yeah, but they're all freaks, man!"
Hey at least the Mormons aren't gay.

Later on, we’ll conspire as we dream by the fire.

As snug as a bug in an Osmond girl's rug!
Touchin’ Mitt's open Mormon underwear.

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