Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"I may be bought, but at least I stay that way"

Cap'n Crunch totally uncompromised:

I will travel the next two days to Houston and Corpus Christi on a tour arranged by the American Petroleum Institute (API). The tour includes other bloggers, including Bruce McQuain of QandO, who announced it earlier today. We will take a tour of Chevron’s Blind Faith platform before they deploy it — a platform designed to pump a new field in the Gulf of Mexico. We will also tour their visualization center, get a briefing on deepwater drilling, and have a lengthy Q&A session with Chevron representatives.

Obviously, I hope to get a better perspective on oil drilling, the petroleum industry, and energy policy as a result.

Yeah...thank goodness record oil profits have allowed the industry to reach out to and invest in alternative energy sources it's apologists.

Next thing you know Rich Lowry will be going on those NRO Cruises and not be thought of as "man candy".

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