Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Reporter Asshatery

During the last multi-candidate event at the West Des Moines Valley High School on the day of the caucus, the students participated in the Rock the Vote event as audience members, organizers, and coordinators of the activities of visiting reporters. 

Apparently the reporters were “pushy",” “rude,” and "pushed through a line of students who were trying to show reporters where they could and could not go.”  How do we here at RH know this?  Several students themselves told me as the event ended that they were “disappointed” by the “shameful behavior” of the reporters, photographers, and camera crews.  Some students were walking out talking about how they had been badly treated.

One student even showed me, the beginning of a bruise on her arm that she said came from a reporter who “slammed into me”  to “push past the line of students and did not care who he hurt.”  “He was so rude,” she said.

It is more than disheartening that those who are supposed to cover caucus events and set an example for those who will participate in democracy in the future, should engage in such disregard for their hosts.

In fact, it is the height of  reporter douchery.


Ebon Krieg said...

Douchery 101; I believe it is one of the classes that is required at journalism school.

Everyone knows a successful stenographer, er, I mean reporter must be relentless in their pursuit of the superficial and the mundane.

Jack Alexander said...

References/links would have been nice. Support your point of view.

Jack Alexander said...
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pansypoo said...

the gnews are part of the elite, not we the people anymore.