Thursday, March 20, 2014

As I was saying...well, someone else actually

You are not going to get a more concentrated dose of accurate commentary than what Charles Pierce dealt to Bill Kristol's latest crusade to have other folks die in the name of his shitty ideas.
Blow me, you monstrous, bloodthirsty fraud, you silly, stupid chickenhawk motherfker who plays army man with the children of people who are so much better than you are, and who would feed innocent civilians in lands you will never visit into your own personal meatgrinder to service your semi-annual martial erection. You and the rest of your cowardly cohort helped prepare the ground for the worst geopolitical mistake the country has made in 30 years. You fought the battle of the Green Rooms and the think tanks while other people's sons and daughters died for your fantasy of how the world would work if you really were the pimply, adolescent Zeus you see when you look in the mirror every morning.


Athenawise said...


Neocons want war with Russia so badly, they're masturbating over a new Cold War. And, of course, Obama is a socialist coward and a war wimp.

So, tell us Billy Boy, other than sanctions, investment freezes, energy agreements and standing beside our EU allies, what would YOU do to punish Russia right now?

Brian M said...

The keening nostalgia over the Cold War is sickening in its intensity, isn't it? These decrepit fools are panting for more war.

I am 51, and unlike most of my age, I don't complain about "those kids". It's the first tier of the Baby Boomers (60+) that are the problem, a big problem, on almost every issue. That and the right wing remnants of the Greatest Generation

kingweasil said...

In the 2000 Presidential election, Kristol supported John McCain. Answering a question about the Republican primaries, he said, "No. I had nothing against Governor Bush. I was inclined to prefer McCain. The reason I was inclined to prefer McCain was his leadership on "foreign policy"...."Kristol served as a "foreign policy" advisor for Senator John McCain's presidential wonder he liked McCain's foreign policy. (Kristol was also an ardent promoter of Sarah Palin, advocating for her selection as the running mate of John McCain in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election months before McCain chose her)...make no mistake about this "monstrous, bloodthirsty fraud, silly, stupid chickenhawk motherfker"I think he knows what side the bread is buttered on and its all about the money for him. fuck everything,and everyone else.

Montag said...

Quite apart from Kristol's almost uncanny ability to be wrong about everything, he has a surprisingly vicious streak of cowardice, and what's so unpleasant about it is that he's unfailingly cheerful when advocating slaughter.

This, of course, makes him a prized guest on the Sunday shows and a Very Serious Person in good standing and extremely valuable in analyzing U.S. foreign policy.

giss said...

Watch it Brian M, I'm 60+ and don't like being blamed for this mess. I never voted for Reagan (I despised that fool) and the people who were so enthralled with him at the time were about a decade younger than me. These kids didn't remember the Kennedys or know the history of the Great Depression, the last time they tried "trickle-down" economics. Don't be so quick to blame, because I've been arguing politics with punks your age who still think Reagan was the second coming, and from my viewpoint, the blame belongs the other way 'round.

Brian M said...

LOL. You made my day. I haven't been called a "punk" in years!

Generalizations are just that. Not universal truths!

But almost everyone writing letters to the editor about how Obama is a socialist (one can only HOPE) or attending public meetings demanding taxes be cut on the wealthy ARE of a certain age. Just sayin!

But heck...keep up the good fight!