Wednesday, March 05, 2014

This should go over well

"Hey Jews, be less and yet more Jewy as I, an insane person, define it!!!!"
Bachmann also skewered the Jewish community in the US for its wide support for Obama. She said that Obama “was helped enormously by the Jewish community,” who she says care more about supporting Obama than Israel
This was after the more predictable yet crazy-on-top-of-crazy logic earlier that had her saying she's an evangelical waiting for the "end times" and that Obama is awful because he's bringing the "end times" about.


kingweasil said...

After all the nice things Michelle has said about Jesus, the Jews go and shit all over her. Hopefully she'll be the first one to go when the rapture starts.

Anonymous said...

"skewered the Jewish community ... who she says care more about supporting Obama than Israel"

You mean they put what's good for America before Israel? how dare they!

Interesting how anti-semites have always accused American Jews of having dual loyalties and now Republicans criticize Jews for not putting Israel first.

Montag said...

Well, looks like ol' One-L has finally reached the ideal state of Doublethink, which is a condition of controlled insanity, able to hold two completely contradictory thoughts in her mind and accept them both as true.

Which comes as no surprise, since she's been talking in Newspeak for years.