Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Truthers United!!!

Damn the facts, it is how I feel.
Americans for Prosperity, the conservative advocacy group backed by the Koch brothers, is running Obamacare attack ads featuring a cancer patient who claimed her treatments were "unaffordable" under the new health law.

On Monday, The Detroit News reported that the patient will actually save more than $1,000 a year. Julie Boonstra says in the anti-Obamacare ad that she was diagnosed with leukemia five years ago, and her health care plan was canceled when Obamacare went into effect. "Now, the out-of-pocket costs are so high, it's unaffordable," she said.

Before her plan was canceled, Boonstra was paying a $1,100 monthly premium. That's $13,200 a year, without adding out-of-pocket expenses like co-pays and prescription drugs. But under her new plan, the Blue Cross Premier Gold, Boonstra's premiums are down to $571 a month, and out-of-pocket costs are capped at $5,100. That's a maximum annual expense of $11,952 a year.

According to The Detroit News, Boonstra said it “can’t be true” that her new coverage is cheaper than her old. “I personally do not believe that,” Boonstra said.
Your modern GOP, ladies and gentlemen.


Anonymous said...

And of course the flip side of the coin is that anyone who dared question going to war in Iraq or the exitence of WMD was not taken seriously...

kingweasil said...

Brought to you by "Americans for prosperity"...Really?

I fought the lawn. And the lawn won. said...

It doesn't take much salesmanship to sell the idea that 2+ 2= 4.

But selling the idea that 2 + 2 = 17 will require a big sales campaign.

Luckily there are plenty of rightwing billionaires to finance the sales campaign!

And plenty of ignorant rubes who will buy it.

JCMaxwell said...

Numbers don't lie, Republicans do. I proved that.

gratuitous said...

And Julie Boonstra, your coverage can now not be denied because of your pre-existing condition. If you had had a lapse in coverage in the olden days, you would have been out of luck. Your policy would have been canceled and you have to raise money through Facebook or something. Now, you're coverage is guaranteed by law.

You're welcome, dickhead (h/t Charlie Pierce, who usually uses it in regard to Paul Ryan).

pansypoo said...

she is a victim of GOP ideology. sucker.

Anonymous said...

Brought to you by "Americans for prosperity"...Really?

It's Americans For Prosperity For Medical Profiteers. They edited it down.

Montag said...

A recent poll shows that 25% of Americans don't believe the Earth rotates around the Sun.

Perhaps it's the same percentage of people that don't believe that $12,000 is less than $13,000.

Perhaps it's the same percentage who only watch Fox News.

Perhaps that's the percentage of the Republican base.

Eventually, we will reach the underlying answer to these questions.