Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Sock it, to me?"

Apparently, Obama is just like Hitler again.

If Hitler did a few improvs and open mic nights. 

Granted, the latter did have the perfect facial hair for the modern hipster.


I fought the lawn. And the lawn won. said...

For comments, can't you go back to the user-friendlier numbers instead of the weird non-word words?

anyway... I must regretfully concede that Obama doesn't provide the madcap quality comedy the world once enjoyed during the presidency of George WMD Bush.

kingweasil said...

HealthCare Tara? zat like tugboat annie?

Anonymous said...

But halficus das POTUS Hussein IS the perfect NixOn Herr (except perhaps Funny or die Feinstein, halfascistly depicted in the "I hate Dick" helicopter-hatch pose upon resignation)over at FDL! Hillaryous!! PEACE, Out!!!

pansypoo said...

they are just pissed that he rocked. smart AND FUNNY. we laugh WITH obama, not like when we laughed AT georgee.

shit. he even rocked the tweet thanking matt G. check those spider bites.

bs said...

Did someone say Hipster Hitler?