Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Nice career move

The Michigan Attorney General's office, continuing to serve the people of the state by reflecting the true tolerance of a far-right political position have been struck by incompetence yet again.
A judge barred an Ivy League law student Monday from testifying at Michigan’s gay marriage trial, saying he might become an expert witness someday but his opinions wouldn’t help sway this case.
It was a blow for the Michigan attorney general’s office, which had offered Sherif Girgis as its first witness in defense of a 2004 constitutional amendment that bars same-sex marriage.

Girgis has written and talked about a historical defense of marriage between a man and a woman going back to ancient philosophers such as Cicero and Plato.
First of all, could have saved some money by calling some high schoolers in the Gross Point AP History class.

Second, unless you are aiming for the FoxNews gravy train becoming the "expert" on old-timey marriage is a bit like becoming an expert on modern Austria-Hungary.

Third, you know what goes back further than Cicero and Plato? Slavery. After all, those two didn't start the institution, they just participated in it. You going to testify about how awesomely sacred that institution is bub?

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StonyPillow said...

Sherif Girgis seems to be the go-to guy for bio-functional fetishism. Kinky.

And he thought this both career and path to riches.

Anonymous said...

news from Canada: another Conservative lyin' liar forced to back down on his bullshit


Katy Anders said...

I'm NOT neutral or objective when it comes to same sex marriage, but when I try and stand in a neutral place, it's sort of shocking that gay marriage opponents have been doing as badly as they have in the courts.

They really seem completely unable to explain their position - to explain why the government should give some people marriage licenses but not others.

It's sort of cool, because it's at moment's like this when we see our cultural blind spots. Have we really never tried to enunciate what the government interest in marriage was before?

kingweasil said...

Inquiring minds want to know did Mr.Shirvell have a thing for Mr. Armstrong?

pansypoo said...

i suggest they read the 1891/1903 encyclopedia britannica entry on FAMILY.

bs said...

Sorry to nitpick, but the posh Detroit suburb is spelled Grosse Pointe. /pedant