Sunday, May 27, 2007

Close enough for Cable News...

I had no idea how "broadly" CNN defines words. I thought I had heard this too while channel surfing, but here's confirmation:

Maybe it's a small thing. Just a single word. But this quick report by the alleged journalists at CNN managed to epitomize the stupidity that infects so much of the mainstream media and our political institutions. In the short news brief, the anchor reported that Scooter Libby will soon be sentenced for "allegedly lying to investigators." Allegedly? Is that the word CNN now uses to describe a criminal conviction? This was a straight-up, 30 second, news update on the Libby case. I don't think it was a mistake. It think it reflects the core of CNN's false-balance reporting model, where facts, no matter how obvious, must compete with spin. The fact of Scooter Libby's conviction must be balanced with the claims of right-wing propaganda artists. And in CNN's world, each deserves equal weight. Thus Scooter only "allegedly" lied.

This is CNN, reporting like they are Byron York. Thanks "most trusted name" in cable news.

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