Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Let me be Diplomatic about this....

F-U-C-K Y-O-U!

Texas is a Better Place [Michael Ledeen]

Here follows a letter from a woman who recently attended the Texas funeral of her nephew, KIA in Iraq. In many places around the country, members of the Sheehan-Reid-Obama-Clinton cult disrupt military funerals, but I doubt they would attempt to perform their disgusting ritual in a fine place as described here.

Human shit-bag Fred Phelps is hardly a member of this Ledeen-fabricated "cult". As for Sheehan, she had to attend one funeral for sure, HER SON'S!

I sincerely doubt this has happened even ONCE! anywhere in this country from a progressive anti-war group. I can only imagine the screaming 48-pitch headlines that would have been up from Michelle Malkin or Drudge. However, professional liar Michael Ledeen continues to draw a paycheck and treated like a rational conservative.


Commenter Robert DSquared finds out the letter Ledeen refers to is true, but is 4 YEARS OLD and involves the same unit as Jessica Lynch. It goes downhill in credibility from there as Ledeen treats it like a recent event.

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