Friday, May 25, 2007


"Osama wants to kill YOUR children David."

This from an emailer at Andrew Sullivan's blog sums the next few months up, especially the "magic" month of September:

Bush said today that we should expect an escalation of violence in Iraq because the enemy know that September is a key date for political opinion. So, let me get this straight: if there is less violence, it obviously means the surge is working, and if there is more violence it means the enemy is desperate to get us out and the surge is working. And the two people who get to decide if the surge is working are the architect of the surge (Petraeus) and the man who gave the surge the go-ahead (Bush). What are the odds we’ll hear in September that the surge is not working?

The odds are...well (less than?) nil. It's like this guy is inside Fred Kagan's head (or, more likely his neck).

Meanwhile, the bottom-line is


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