Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oh fuck the Gods of Rhetorical Excess

John McCain:

McCain says there can be no consideration of a Plan B, an alternative to the current U.S. occupation of Iraq.

“I believe that Gen. Eisenhower didn’t have a Plan B at Normandy, and I don’t think that Gen. Grant had a Plan B when he decided to take Richmond,” McCain told The Associated Press on Sunday.

Actually both Eisenhower and Grant had many "Plan Bs" handy you idiot.

First of all, you cannot compare "D-Day" to "the Surge", one happened, as defined "in one day" and on that day, 4 of the 5 beaches were in hand quickly and on the last and most difficult "Omaha" both Bradley and Eisenhower considered Plan B very carefully, before the initiative of individual soldiers broke the stalemate and allowed success. And at the conclusion of "D-Day" virtually all of the first-day objectives were not reached, leading to one "Plan B, C, D, through Z" after the other. Anyone familiar with the battles in the hedgerows knows that there was plan after plan after plan to break out.

From there, in the following days, weeks and months, there were many strategic, tactical and political considerations that occurred over 9 months until Hitler was gone and Germany defeated.

Also, unlike Eisenhower, there is no gigantic army facing us with another gigantic army on its tail.

And that is just the 30-second rebuttal.

As for Grant, McCain purposefully plays stupid, because he thinks you are stupid, about the nature of Grant's 1864 Spring Offensive. That was one goddamned "Plan B" after another until the seige of Fredricksburg Petersburg began.

Retire off to an island with David Broder sir.

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