Monday, May 21, 2007

The least surprising statement in the world

Considering who's doing the evaluating...

As Iraq's government compiles a record of failure, the Bush administration is under growing pressure to intervene to rearrange Baghdad's dysfunctional political order, or even install a new leadership.

Publicly, administration officials say they remain committed to Prime Minister Nouri Maliki, even though after a year in office, his elected government has failed to complete any important steps toward political reconciliation — the legislative "benchmarks" sought by U.S. officials.

After all, why bring any pressure on's only been about another 1,000 dead American soldiers and $125 Billion more down the shitter in this god-forsaken mess. Besides, it was the Bush Administration that created Maliki as faux-leader and given their track-record who could have anticipated failure? [yes, sarcasm]

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