Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Miss McCarthyite

No doubt you've heard that the non-stop Moron-a-thon that is Michele Bachmann (R - Of Course) continued last night on "Hardball" (video below). I know that times are tight, but for those of you who have a few bucks to spare in these last few weeks of the election, please consider sending them to Bachmann's opponent, El Tinklenberg. The DCCC has put the Tinklenberg/Bachmann race in its list of the most competitive races in the country. If you take a look at this Daily Kos Diary you'll see that Tinklenberg is polling well and within reach of beating Bachman. (Tinklenberg thanks the Kossacks here.) A bit more money might help put him over the edge.

You can go directly to his website, or via Act Blue. I just sent him $25. Doesn't matter how you go or how much you give -- even $10 will help. Just go. Michele Bachmann is a (very) poor man's Sarah Palin, a McCarthyite dingbat, and an insult to the House of Representatives, and the slur against the state of Minnesota. At a bare minimum, she deserves censure, but what she really deserves is to be dumped. Now.

P.S. Thanks to Chris Matthews (yes, that's "Thanks") for giving Michele Bachman the rope with which to hang herself.

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