Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Moose strike back

The irony is impassibly thick in this one:

Republican state legislators, at the behest of the McCain campaign, have now filed an emergency appeal with the Alaska Supreme Court trying to shutdown the 'Troopergate' investigation. The plaintiffs (echoing the Bush v. Gore decision) claim "the plaintiffs and Alaskans will suffer irreparable harm" if the Branchflower report is released, as scheduled, next Friday, October 10th.

This may be the most ridiculous use of the "irreperable harm" standard I ever heard of. Bush's lawyers in 2000 are flippin' Thurgood Marshall in Brown v. Board of Education* in comparison.

The big problem for McCain, of course, is this will detract attention from his all slander all the time plans of the last month.

The real question for the McCain campaign is this. How "dark" will they make Obama in those adds? I'm guessing by the last week of the campaign they'll make him as dark appearing as a Pioneer Kuro can handle. Barack Obama will just be a pair of eyeballs.

* Or as Sarah Palin knows it, "the UPS case".

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