Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powell's all in

Feel free to complain about Powells' credibility, and while it was somewhat decent he's somewhat repented and felt guilty about his role in Iraq, that has even been compromised by the fact he did so almost exclusively through his surrogates.

But today he personally appeared, rather than through Lawrence Wilkerson as usual, and explicitly endorsed Barack Obama.

Meet the Press is not on yet here in central Iowa but the based on what others are saying it appears these were the reasons:

-- Impressed by Obama's steadiness and turned off by the McCain campaigns negativity.

I switched over to FoxNews and the mental gymnastics are impressive, they are now talking about Powell the way we talked about him in the wake of the selling of the war.

They are realizing it is pretty much over.

Here's video, look especially about 3:15 in or so when Powell really starts condemning McCain's negative campaign including the Ayres BS and the robocalls and the slanders against Obama and the muslim religion by senior members of the GOP. It is a very strong statement [incredibly powerful about 5:08 and his statement on the sacrifice of a particular soldier and mother, and the nature of being an American and the ugliness of our times]

The soldier Powell was discussing:

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