Wednesday, February 08, 2012

And shit for Seamus

Oh those industrious hard-workin' scions of the American Dream.
Mitt Romney's five sons -- Matt, Tagg, Craig, Ben and Josh -- are sitting pretty with a trust fund worth $100 million. Getting there took investments that produced great growth, according to the Romney campaign. It also took smart tax strategies... "You've got people who are paid $1 million a year to work 3,000 hours just to figure out ways to transfer money from older generations to younger generations, and Romney has the money to hire the best of the best," said Bergman.
But I'm sure the kids will tell you they WORKED for that money. But the best part of this story is the first comment:


OhSusannah! said...

The writer's screen name, Marberg Kiss, explains much (and points out that he can't spell). Apparently there has been another outbreak of the Marburg virus.

Marburg hemorrhagic fever is a rare, severe type of hemorrhagic fever which affects both humans and non-human primates. Symptoms become increasingly severe and may include ... DELIRIUM, shock, ...

Or he could just be another dumbass.

Anonymous said...

If this illiterate guy is making more than 70K/yr, corruption is involved.

Anonymous said...

Marberg Kiss? Tagg, is that you?

pansypoo said...

i have met 'stuoid' people with WAY too much money. the royalist gene is a strong one. MORE DEATH TAXES!

Montag said...

Even if this mental defective got his/her wish, the Repugs still couldn't get elected in a fair contest.

The cryptofascists depend upon the low-information voters making $8/hr who think they're in the top 1%.

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