Thursday, February 10, 2005

Breaking News

As stated in another post -- and as I make clear by deed every damn day -- Attaturk is no investigative journalist.

The closest I ever came to doing an investigative piece is when I attempted to bring down my class's fourth grade milk monitor by disclosing she was sneaking an extra chocolate on her way back to class. At the time, she may as well have been discovered to have secretly ordered the bombing of Cambodia.

But that doesn't mean that compulsive blogging in my spare time cannot produce results and evidence that even so accomplished and distinguished a journalist as Geraldo Rivera could admire, if not outright plagerize.

And last night, deep into the bowels of the early morning, I finally found what I believe to be conclusive evidence that Jeff Gannon is not alone. Nay, it appears that an even bigger name has a secret life and is hosting a series of websites that shed light upon his hidden alter-ego.

I speak of Robert Novak.

Last night, I did some serious IP Address Searches using the latest super-secret Google-Prototype and traced a series of URL's back to a common host. A common host called, "", owned by a person named, Rowland Evans. However, my research revealed that all of Mr. Evans domains have been purchased by a DBOLNOVAKULA CORP, at And tracing this I found that it resided at a location in Virginia, the home address of one Robert Novak, noted syndicated columnist and reknowned nice guy. There were a series of registered site names owned by DBolNovakula Corp. I also found a few rather disturbing photos at an AOL site under the name "fuliberty43x.jpg" and "Ilovebabyblood37S.jpg" which I will also show below.

The registered domain names are as follows:
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

Unfortunately, it appears that my investigations were noticed and all of these domains have been taken down. So, like President Bush or Bob Novak, you'll just have to take my word for it.

But I do think we are on to something bigger than us here.

Thanks to Xian and to Image Shack

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