Friday, February 11, 2005

Our Question of the Week

Yesterday brother Attaturk posted on the Condi lies regarding what the administration knew about Al Quaeda and when. More specifically Rice lied about whether the Bush administration was handed a plan for dealing with the terrorist threat by the Clinton administration.

Today renee Montagne discussed the memo with Mary Louise Kelly, NPR's intelligence correspondent. Montagne asked Kelly about the discrepancy between the representation by Rice and the facts of a 13 page document attached to the memo. (What follows is not a transcript or verbatim repeat, to listen to the story go here):

Montagne: There's been some talk about how much of a plan the Clinton administration handed over, after all they had 8 years and the Bush administration had only a few months.

Kelly: It depends on who's reading it and what their politics are. This memo interestingly contained two attachments, one a 13 page document titled "Strategy for Eliminating the Threat from Jihadi Networks of Al Quaeda".

Depends on one's politics. UnEFFINGbelievable.

Our question: with NPR's efforts never to try to play everything right down the middle, even where there is proof that the administration LIED, how far can it be before becoming known as Fox radio news?

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