Friday, August 18, 2006

Funny how that works

The Doughy Pantload quite the logical thinker, as we all know.

Which explains why he can post stuff like this:

Book Recko [Jonah Goldberg]
I mentioned it in my column today , but I really do recommend Jeffrey Herf's The Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda During World War II and the Holocaust. So many books on Nazism come out every year and get lost in the maw. This is an important, imaginative and novel piece of scholarship. And, unlike his Reactionary Modernism, it's very easy reading.

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I've actually read Herf's book and it goes into great detail about how deeply and illogically the Nazi's truly believed "the jews" controlled everything and how the propoganda got notched up the more imperiled the Nazi regime was [and one might then note how deeply that propoganda could be absorbed into the marrow by a great number of ordinary Germans per Daniel Goldhagen].

But what is amazing is that Goldberg then takes this right to the illogical hatred of Jews in Iran -- which is not an inappropriate argument about Ahmadinejad.


Pantload cannot seem to see the pattern of broad-brushing, illogical castigation against "Muslims" or the "Arab World" in his constant searching of analogies that is supposed to demonstrate the need to kill us some more islamofacists to scare the rest of the arab street straight because of the size of our mighty tallywackers. He is exactly the same tool the Nazi's used to castigate and vilify a broad swatch of people, this time Muslims or Arabs. In form, there isn't all that much separating Ahmadinejad's bigotry and the Pantload's.

or example, here, here, and here.

It also doesn't take a hell of a lot of observance to note that everytime the GOP seems politically imperiled the "evil islamofascist terrorist" seems to make a cameo appearance and dominate the propoganda posing as cable news for several days afterwards. Does anyone doubt that after going literally 2 years without these sort of "high alert" warnings, suddenly ten weeks before the election they start off again.

Anybody want to predict when between mid-October and November 7, Osama will be suddenly showing up with his latest finger waving diatribe?

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