Saturday, August 19, 2006

What is Bush's nickname for Mike Allen?

I'm guessing "Slurpee"

There are key differences between the two, though. Allen, 54, is three inches taller and six years younger than the president. And where Bob Woodward found that Bush could give detail-rich answers to scores of complex questions at a stretch, Allen embarrassed himself in January by replying "For what?" when a New York Times reporter asked his opinion of the nomination of Ben S. Bernanke, which had been announced three months before and was coming to a Senate vote. (Hint: His predecessor was Alan Greenspan.)

Was Allen awake for that monstrosity of press conference Bush had yesterday? Bush can't give detail-rich answers in describing the difference between a 'Mounds' and an 'Almond Joy'. One cannot assert George Allen's stupidity by saying Bush is smart (especially using court stenographer Bob Woodward), you say it by saying he's even DUMBER than George Bush. Which leads you to be aware that the guy probably isn't safe from choking on pudding.

The fact this Mike Allen keeps his job is Exhibit A that the corporate press is slowly killing this country.

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