Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Await Howard Fineman's declaration...

That, like the standards Howie the Ho applies to Democrats, the GOP is in the midst of a "Civil War"

Republican Gov. Frank Murkowski, whose perceived missteps over the past four years have turned him into one of the most unpopular governors in state history, soundly lost his bid for re-election after finishing last in a hotly contested three-way race for the Republican nomination.

With 70 percent of precincts reporting, Sarah Palin, a former Wasilla mayor, won the GOP nod with 51 percent of the vote. Former state legislator John Binkley came in second with 30 percent. Murkowski polled just 19 percent.

Murkowski shook Palin's hand in the middle of a crowd of her supporters, all waving signs. "Congratulations, you've got my support. I'll do everything to see that you're elected," Murkowski told her.

At least, Murkowski possesses the class Joe Lieberman lacks.

I'm betting Howie says fact, I bet he says nothing even when and if Lincoln Chaffee or Rhode Island is defeated in the Republican Primary on September 12.

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