Sunday, August 20, 2006

You Got Served

Old President Havegot (as in "what the people have got to understand") got served last week by a cranky district court judge in the Sixth Circuit and the MSM and even the blogosphere is all atwitter with the flaws in the court's opinion. Greenwald has spent probably every waking minute the last few days explaining his argument that even though the reasoning may leave much to be desired, it is the outcome itself that is important. The fact that the right wing blogosphere responded by calling names instead of analyzing the decision says a lot about how scared they are. Whatever. All I can say is that it must have felt really good to bitch-slap the administration.

Besides, the question I am really interested in is the general make-up and disposition of the Sixth Circuit. If the case landed in the Eight Circuit I wouldn't be so sanguine about how the case would finally resolve even though this one undoubtedly lands in the You-Nita States Supreme Court.

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