Thursday, August 24, 2006

Golly in all the hubbub I missed something

I thought he was out rolling his eyes and tut-tutting with Peggy Noonan, but while Peggy enjoys her Medicare D rush of prescriptives the Bullshit Moose has returned.

But he's more than returned.

He is no longer just "Bullshit Moose", no, he is something even more...

He is...

Bullshit Moose the White!

In this highly charged political climate, the Moose is a rare breed apart.

I believe he made this speech in front of a large flag.

Naturally, the Bullshit Moose the White is still upon Josh Marshall's blogroll even those it's pretty clear that his love of bombing the fuck out of third worlder's has yet to be fully sated --

Of course, Iran is not just a threat to Israel, but to all liberal democracies. However, Israel uniquely comprehends the immediacy of the Iranian threat. Time is not on our side. While the mullahs may be a few years from obtaining nukes, there is a point of no return in their efforts - and it is soon.

The world, unfortunately, would rather sleep. Sanctions are just so inconvenient. Money is to be made. And diplomacy, regardless of its effectiveness, is holy in the church of the left.

Even though Iran has been showered with generous offers of incentives, the left wants them to be given even more carrots without the serious threat of a stick. Lefties claim they are tough and they are only anti-war when it comes to Iraq, but appeasement is their instinctive impulse when confronted with a national security threat to America or her allies.

But, make no mistake - the recent war with Hizbollah has taught Israel a painful lesson. They cannot afford to slumber while their enemy prepares for a slaughter. In the next war, Hizbolla could be supplied with the ultimate weapon by their patrons in Teheran.

And the writing is on the wall...

Yet another moron who thinks he is channeling Churchill, when he is really channeling an armchair version of Curtis LeMay.

But what else could we possibly expect from the Bullshit Moose the (really, really) White?

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