Friday, August 18, 2006

No More JonBenet

Flame on...

Ok, stop it, don't, enough already, quit, stop damn it, no more, For God's sake, arrrghhhhh -- I have officially had enough of the witless media gourging itself on faux or sort of real (not to even begin with the real at the moment) celebrity crime cases. I always thought that the JonBenet case was among the worst of these mindless enterprises that the media love so much yet accomplish no improvement for the planet.

The media seemed to love this case to such a degree I began to wonder about the minds of the suits who would rearrange the schedules of programing and news to make room for this garbage.

No, do not think me a heartless bastard -- I thought the crime was as hideous and disgusting as anyone else -- but I saw and continue to see no reason to gear up the media hype machine again. A crime did occur. A tragedy was perpetrated on a little girl. The family was strange. But let's not engross ourselves with this prurient sick reporting again. Not when little girls all around the planet are dying because of a worthless executive (no offense to real executives) who is kind of, sort of running the ship of state in the ol' USA of these days. Not with so many children homeless.

Can't we focus on something with more substance. A story that has clear and direct consequences for our everyday lives? No, I suppose not. Because to do otherwise would mean that the media would have to work and not just rehash old stories. We would need real reporters who did not simply repeat lines that the misadministration gave them but true investigative reporting where you assume that everyone is holding out important information on you.

Where are those reporters? They are few and far far between at best, aren't they?

What was I thinking?

Flame off...

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