Tuesday, August 29, 2006

You know what is coming

Things not looking good for the GOP, one of its members tells you what is going to happen:
More telling is that the smartest Republican political minds agree. ``The issue matrix and political dynamics are not good for us,'' says Representative Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican. ``Only some big national or international event before the election can change that.''


Here is what I predict will happen in September and October. File it away -- nah, don't bother, if I'm right you know I'll be reminding you constantly...

Twelve Bush PhotoOps
Eleven Cheney fund-raisers/scarefests
Ten O'Reilly talking points about Democrats lovin' terrorists
Nine bad economic reports that Cavuto declares good news for Bush
Eight Joe Lieberman appearances with Republican congressional candidates
Seven Ann Coulter Hannity & Colmes appearances
Six Swiftboat Attacks on Murtha
Five blatant racist statements!
Four threats to bomb the fuck up of Iran
Three "terror in the skies" plots uncovered (all overstated)
Two new and improved Iraqi governments
And a new Osama Video Tape!

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