Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ruining The Whole World

Attaturk posts below to a perfect example of what a war monger says to a room full of sheep and it is disgusting (what Rove said, not what Attaturk said). In today's Los Angeles Times appears a report about just how divided is the country we have "LIBERATED":

Travel west across the river to the Sunni neighborhood of Amiriya and listen to Fatima Omar: "I have a best friend who's leaving the country in six or seven weeks, and I can't go visit her because she lives in a Shiite neighborhood."

With each explosion, with each firefight, Omar's geography shrinks.

"We are prisoners of the city," she said.

Conditions that lead Pentagon generals to say civil war is close are already polarizing many neighborhoods. Although Shiites and Sunnis still live side by side in some places, about 200,000 Iraqis, most of them from Baghdad, have left their mixed neighborhoods and taken refuge in communities where they can live among their own. In July, the Baghdad morgue reported more than 1,800 violent deaths.

Real fucking funny, isn't it? So funny I forgot to laugh.

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