Monday, April 23, 2007

An American Particularity About Guns

Adam Gopnik, writing in the NYer, strikes a few chords:
The logic is unusual but striking: the aftermath of a terrorist attack is the wrong time to talk about security, the aftermath of a death from lung cancer is the wrong time to talk about smoking and the tobacco industry, and the aftermath of a car crash is the wrong time to talk about seat belts.
Yes, that was the message from VA governor, Tim Kaine, who can fuck off.

And then:
Semi-automatic Glocks and Walthers, Cho’s weapons, are for killing people. They are not made for hunting, and it’s not easy to protect yourself with them. (If having a loaded semi-automatic on hand kept you safe, cops would not be shot as often as they are.)

That one's for you, Newt.

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