Thursday, April 19, 2007

Baby Steps

The cynic in me wanted to title this post "File Under: Dubious Achievements;" but I chose instead to look on the bright side of this with one caveat.

Confession: I needed to Google Pete McCloskey. I'm not so much glad that he's changed his registration from Republican to Democrat (for me, the vast majority of Democrats still fall into the "Lesser of Two Evils" category) as I am that he's decided to hop aboard the Clue Train that's been hurtling down the tracks in plain sight to those of us who dwell in the Reality-Based Community for quite some time now. I'm trying not to bitter, and hurl a "Too Little, Too Late" at McCloskey, either. But I read this and think, well, "Oy."
I finally concluded that it was a fraud for me to remain a member of this modern Republican Party, that there were only a few like Chuck Hegel, Jack Warner, Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins I could respect.
Forget Hegel, Warner, Snow, and Collins for the moment. But, Arlen Specter?

The whackjobs that drove McCloskey from the Republican party have had no more efffective enabler than Arlen Specter. Pennsylvania's senior Senator has been giving cover to these facist creeps and their Mayberry Machiavelli shock troops for years. McCloskey bemoans DOJ scandal in one breath and then praises Specter -- whose office snuck the provision into the Patriot Act that allowed the DOJ scandal to happen in the first place -- in another. I could fill three blogs' worth of bandwidth with the democracy destruction Specter has enabled over the last six years alone. And if we go back to the era of The Clenis? Well, there isn't enough bandwidth on the planet to chronicle Specter's craven misdeeds. Sheesh.

In any case, welcome to the Realty-Based Community, Mr. McCloskey. As someone who supports the "right of a woman to choose not to bring a child into the world" I'm sure you're appalled by yesterday's decision. You can thank your good buddy Arlen Specter for rolling out the red carpet for the Supreme Court wingnuts who made that ruling possible.

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