Sunday, April 29, 2007

Your Sunday Morning Gloat

Schadenfreude City, bitches!

Mister McBobo gives us the 10,000-foot view of the state of the Republican party:
On Capitol Hill, there is a strange passivity in Republican ranks. Republicans are privately disgusted with how President Bush has led their party and the nation, but they don’t publicly offer any alternatives. They just follow sullenly along. They privately believe the country needs new approaches to the war against Islamic extremism, but they don’t offer them. They try to block Democratic initiatives, but they don’t offer the country any new ways to think about the G.O.P.
They are like people quietly marching to their doom.
Actually, I don't buy the above. These creeps cheered George W. Bush for years. And now, if they start to run around saying, "I always disagreed with Bush" we're going to float pictures, audio, and (blessed be!) video of them hugging Bush, sucking up to Bush, and otherwise praising Bush. It's gonna be so fun.

In any case, you know you're in trouble when you're candidates are running around pretending to be disgraced racist thug George Felix Macacawitz Allen Junior. For all the crap I give twenty-somethings, the vast majority of them appear not to abide trash like Allen (and Republicans in general). That's great news for 2008 (and America).

Update: Eschaton commenter Linda lead us to this even more substantive L.A. Times piece about the waning fortunes of the Trash Party. Mmmmmm...tasty:
Though Republicans have recruited many solid candidates in their effort to retake Capitol Hill — and they have more than 18 months to improve their fortunes — the environment could get worse.

Damaged by ethics scandals in 2006, the GOP in recent weeks has seen FBI raids at businesses or homes connected to two of its congressmen. A federal agency last week began an investigation into Bush advisor Karl Rove's political operation, and congressional panels authorized a flurry of subpoenas related to White House political activities and the run-up to the Iraq war.

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