Monday, April 30, 2007

Predicting Chris Matthews first questions this week

In the GOP Debate.

To Mitt Romney:

"Your are such an incredibly handsome man. So handsome, my GOD you are really a stud. Do you have a six-pack? Show us your six-pack. SIX-PACK SIX-PACK SIX-PACK. C'mon show us your body, work it Mitt, show the country you want to be President and work it. Did you see "The 300"? Because I think you'd look great in that movie as a Spartan. Who's your favorite Spartan? Are you like the King of Sparta that goes off and ignores his parliament and that slimy guy who is like Hillary? Man, Hillary, are your balls bigger than Hillary? How about your six-pack? Can I see your six pack? SIX PACK SIX PACK SIX PACK! Man would you look good in a leather thong. Don't you think so Senator Brownback? Can you tell us your impression of Governor Romney in a thong? Ooh, woof! woof! SIX PACK SIX PACK SIX PACK! There's nothing healthier than one heterosexual man telling another heterosexual man how much you admire their body.

Rudy, how does your prostate feel when you think about Mitt in a leather thong showing us his SIX PACK SIX PACK SIX PACK!? You're a tough guy, a real man's man, a macho man, a really tough macho man. Wouldn't you like to oil up Mitt Romney in his leather thong, puttin' oil on those pecs? Man, I'd love to see that. Oh man, would I love to see that. You know who wouldn't want to see that? Hillary, because I think she likes women, just like her husband. She's not a man's man like you are Rudy. Just the thought of you oiling up Mitt Romney's six-pack abs, lord that's the manliest, most healthy heterosexual fantasy this side of John Bastow and his Fitness Made Simple videos. I bet you could do those Governor. SIX PACK SIX PACK SIX PACK, can I touch them? Really can I? Man, I bet you smell nice too Governor, I bet you smell like lilacs, really tough manly lilacs.

What can we expect from a Romney Presidency on the subject of the estate tax?

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