Friday, April 27, 2007


David Broder sure doesn't like Harry Reid and him saying stuff he doesn't like and the manner in which he says it. It even leads him to say stuff like how Senators of both parties consider him an embarrassment. Which must be true because EVERY FUCKING DEMOCRAT, and those caucusing with Democrats, in the Senate not named Harry Reid said they applaud his manner of speaking and leadership, even Lieberman.

On the other hand the man who sang "Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran" and praised the merits of brigade guarded shopping, John McCain and his various inconsistencies and embarrassments...WHY THAT'S JUST DUCKY!

Credit John McCain with one thing: When you're 70 years old, are running for president a second time and have been stumping through the country for many months, it's difficult to spring any surprises in your formal announcement speech.

The Arizona senator came up with one: He is running as the anti-Bush...

...But for John McCain, there must be at least some relief now in being able to speak his own mind -- whatever the consequences. Candor, even belatedly, becomes him.

It's the bees knees, the cat's meow, the kind of thing that makes Broder's two artificial hips want to do the charleston and the lindy-hop. It makes his old man giant glasses steam up, all three focals.

It just leads you to one simple question...


McCain's stance is he loves all of Bush's fucked-up policies, his position is simply I'LL TURN THEM TO "11".

Here's something for you Broder:

And hey kids, don't forget that normally on Fridays at Noon Eastern you can watch David Broder have someone else type in nonsense answers to filtered questions during his regular (and he appreciates anything "regular") Washington Post chat. You can go here to view it, or go early and submit your politely worded question where you attempt to call-out Broder on his incredibly high-level stupidity.

Or you can ask him for his favorite "Matlock" or "Mannix" episode.

However, for some MYSTERIOUS reason, Broder is not available today, but next week.

Amazing co-inky-dink he's out today isn't it?

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