Monday, April 23, 2007

Baldwin's Abuse shows "sickness" in the left

By Charles Krauthammer:

The recent release of an abusive phone message from well-known Hollywood Liberal Alec Baldwin shows a deep insecurity that exists in the American Left. A sickness that reflects their inability to deal with the issues that really matter to Americans. The Islamofascist middle east and high taxes.

When Baldwin was expressing to his daughter that she was a "little pig" it really is an extension of the feminization of American culture. If America is going to be ruled by the sensibilities of women, well then all is lost. What the hell have women ever done of any value in this nation? They haven't started or fought any wars that I know of.

Further, my training as a psychiatrist allows me to provide the expert opinion that pigs are complete girls when it comes to the animal species. Total wussies.

Further, it was shameful for Baldwin's equally liberal and slutty ex-wife to release the attacks their daughter's shortcomings in public. But this is the type of shameful behavior that is excused by liberals out of habit as the free expression of ideas. Such expressions are devastating to the child.

My daughter Ruth has several substantial flaws. She is not particularly intelligent, getting polite "Cs" in high school & college. This included a shameful b-minus in behavioral psychology. This led to her being placed into the punishment room in the backyard of my home without food or water for three days in the dead of Winter. But you didn't see me writing about this issue to try to embarrass her publicly. Nor have you seen me write about her prominent, dark-haired mustache; her clubbed-foot; nor the fact she is at least 50 pounds overweight. This is because I know the difference between respecting another person's privacy and castigating them inappropriately.

Further, my son Hans has been a great disappointment to me for several years. He obviously failed to inherit any of the good Krauthammer genes and has been an underachieving boy with a horribly small penis, again, not my doing. Nor is it my responsibility that he likes to eat his own nose-candy...well that which he doesn't wipe beneath the furniture. Granted, this may not be unusual activity for a twenty-seven year old man, but it is still somewhat below my expectations of his performance.

And then there is my niece, Martha Krauthammer, who lives in a small-town, Hiawassee, Georgia and is a junior in high school there. She has a cleft-palate, no neck, and inherited her mother's gigantic ass offsetting her extraordinarily thick cankles. Nevertheless, you won't see me calling her out brutally or in public like the liberal Baldwins.

The Hollywood Left, would have us believe that berating and publicly flogging their children's shortcomings is a good way to set boundaries. This, of course, is complete non-sense. As a psychiatrist and father, I can state unequivocally that I have long demonstrated the importance of boundaries with my children by using shock-collars. They now know not to soil the neighbors lawn and not to touch neighborhood children or others inappropriately. It has been more than six months since Hans last rubbed-himself against the mailman. If this progress continues, I am confident I will be able to allow him to go outside without having to wear secured oven-mitts and a motorcycle helmet.

But where this boundary setting really applies is in relations between nations. The United States cannot allow Alec Baldwin to yell at this daughter, while simultaneously allowing Iran to involve itself in the affairs of its neighbor, Iraq. Such a situation can only be controlled by the dropping of many, many nuclear weapons. It would show Ruth, Hans and Martha a thing or two.

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