Friday, April 27, 2007

Some People Say ... That the GOP Owns Brian Williams' Ass

From last night's debate:
Senator Biden, a question for you. A friend of mine who's in the leadership of the Democratic party says that if the party goes down a third straight time, what will happen is what he defines as "modern day extinction" of the Democratic party.
Note to Brian Williams: results of the 2006 mid-term elections are in. I know this may comes as a shock to "reporters" who focus on hard news like "Faith in America," "What's doing at your local volunteer fire house," and "How Your Socks May be Killing You!" but the election was actually a sweep, with Democrats taking the House of Representatives (by 31 seats), the Senate (by 2 if you count scumbag Joe Lieberman and Good Guy Bernie Sanders, who both caucus with Democrats), a majority of governorships and state legislatures, and (sweetest of all), knocking off the GOP's 2008 presidential hopeful, the racist thug, George Felix Macacawitz Allen, Junior.

Does that sound like a party headed for "extinction" to you?

Yeah, I know Williams went on to qualify his question by asking if Democrats could win the White House, but Sheesh. What Liberal Media?

BTW, Joe Biden? You could have refuted Williams' "extinction" bullshit by repeating those results above instead of letting this RNC talking points-spewing cretin put you on the defensive.

If you're so inclined, call MSNBC and tell them what you think Williams' little frame job: (201) 583-5000. Tell the operator you're a viewer who wants to leave a comment.

P.S. Who's the friend, Brian?

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