Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Just wondering

Is it okay that I don't read Jonathan Chait, let alone comment upon what he has to say, about the "Netroots" because I don't give a fuck and never really have?

Well, that and conveniently nobody really gives a fuck what I have to say about Jonathan Chait.

But, as long as nobody does care, I'll say that I really don't plan on reading "The New Republic" as long as it is used as a straw man by the right to say...

"Even the liberal "New Republic" says..."

Which, since Martin Peretz ruined it, seems to be its only purpose for existence.

Besides, let's get down to brass tacks about what my purpose is on the internets.

It is to give you pictures of Karen Hughes and her high-school swim team (see if you can find her).

They had to get out the skimmer a LOT.

Fortunately, the quick thinking Karen (a trait she held only through puberty) claimed to be an East German exchange student...Helga von Harunbach.

It makes you wonder why I don't generate more ad revenue? I am nothing if not classy.

Thanks to reader John for the picture.

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