Monday, May 14, 2007

What have the Kagans been Wrong about Now?

I do believe I may make this a recurring feature. There are many Kagans, but sadly there is but one viewpoint -- and it's consistently wrong. This week's tragi-comedy comes from Kimberly Kagan (the one without both figurative AND literal balls). Sadly, Kim has the worst excuse of all the Kagans, she married into the family.

MAY 7, 2007:

Sectarian violence fell dramatically in Diyala in February 2007, as al Qaeda and other extremist groups fought coalition and Iraqi forces. But the terrorists are gradually losing control, local government is beginning to function once again, and the local population is turning against al Qaeda and toward cooperation with coalition forces in a manner similar to what has occurred in Anbar.

Meanwhile, in "REALITY",

May 12, 2007:

The commander of U.S. forces in northern Iraq said Friday that he did not have enough troops to deal with the escalating violence in Iraq's Diyala province, an unusually frank assertion for a top officer and a sign that American military officials might be starting to offer more candid and blunt assessments of the war.

Army Maj. Gen. Benjamin R. "Randy" Mixon also said that the Iraqi government had failed to help the situation in the restive province and that it has been a hindrance at times by failing to support local army and police forces. Diyala borders Baghdad on the east, and violence in the province has grown as U.S. troop levels have been bolstered in the capital...

Mixon, speaking Friday by teleconference from Camp Speicher, outside Tikrit, to a Pentagon news conference, said that he did not have enough soldiers to provide security in Diyala. The local government is "nonfunctional" and the central government is "ineffective," he said.

And now, let us turn, once again, to our Kagan Family Hymnal, page 1 (I may have to work on another one, but not right now)[to the "Addams Family Theme"]:

They're creepy and they're chubby,
Warmongering and schlubby,
With Freepers they are clubby,
The Kagan Family.

Think Tanks they do employ 'em
For Wars that are a screa-um
Please pay them their per diem
The Kagan Family.





da-da-da-surge da-da-da-surge da-da-da-surge


So c'mon and get your War On
Cuz' Congress you can crawl on

For Op-Eds you can count on
Use the KAGAN Family.

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