Monday, October 29, 2007

About sums it up

New York Times Editorial:

With a different White House, we might dismiss this as posturing — or bank on sanity to carry the day, or the warnings of exhausted generals or a defense secretary more rational than his predecessor. Not this crowd.

Four years after his pointless invasion of Iraq, President Bush still confuses bullying with grand strategy. He refuses to do the hard work of diplomacy — or even acknowledge the disastrous costs of his actions. The Republican presidential candidates have apparently decided that the real commander in chief test is to see who can out-trash talk the White House on Iran.

I was briefly thinking about various GOP Candidates touchdown celebration dances, i.e. proclamations of who will bomb who and sooner. An emphasis started with the birth of "Commander Codpiece". I have come to realize Giuliani is the Rudy "White Shoes" of such dances. He makes Chad Johnson look shy and demur.

With one big difference. I'm pretty sure Chad Johnson doesn't dance a jig after the Bengals give up a Touchdown (and he has many, many opportunities). Rudy's unending braying about "9/1l" and how he bravely fled from the burning and collapsing towers is the equivalent of Clinton Portis running for President because of his performance yesterday while his team lost to the Patriots 52-7. Well, at least it would if Portis had a mistress and he had boinked her in Joe Gibbs' office.

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