Thursday, October 25, 2007


NY Times Editorial:

Mr. Bush is threatening to veto most of the 12 domestic spending bills now before Congress because Democrats want to provide $22 billion more than the $933 billion he has requested. His argument? Something about the president’s responsibility to rein in lawmakers’ “temptation to overspend.”

This from a leader who turns federal surpluses into deficits, believes that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars can be financed on a separate set of books with borrowed money, and keeps having to go back to Congress for “emergency funding” because he cannot or will not tell the truth about what it is costing to fight these wars.

Mr. Bush’s latest emergency request is for $46 billion. That would bring the 2008 price tag for Iraq and Afghanistan to $196.4 billion. Starting at Sept. 11, 2001, war-fighting expenses total a staggering $800 billion or more. The nonpartisan Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments says that by the end of the year spending on Iraq will probably surpass that on the Vietnam War.

And all of it OFF BUDGET.

Yet we can't let uninsured AMERICAN kids be covered with health care.

Meanwhile, the C.B.O. now states the George Bush Ultimate Adventure Tour (for others) will ring up a tab of more than $2 Trillion. That's so big, I can barely type it as numerals...$2,000,000,000,000. It's a much bigger number than the expense of Vietnam, in fact, it is nearly the adjusted for inflation price of American expense in World War II!

Not that the Republicans give a we can't spend $20 plus billion a year on insurance for kids.

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