Wednesday, October 31, 2007

People become aware of the sad truth...

That it was Larry David who was the actual genius...(in limited doses...a little goes a long way)

...with every horrible, un-funny, and grating "TV junior" or interview or guest appearance, Seinfeld has effectively chipped away at the funny, sharp, entertaining reputation he deservedly earned years ago. He is no longer Jerry Seinfeld, the creator of the exceptional sitcom Seinfeld. He is now Jerry Seinfeld, guy who will only shut up about Bee Movie long enough to launch into a tirade full of lukewarm jokes in defense of his wife's awful cookbook.

In short, Seinfeld is kind of an asshole now—and he's not even a funny asshole like Larry David.

Now, I loved Seinfeld when it was on. But once it left the air I missed it a lot less than I thought I would. I'm not claiming to be a critic of any standard or anything -- but I loved 'Python' when I first saw it, and I still love it as much now as I did then. Jay Leno may get better ratings than Letterman, but from the time he first had his morning show, I'd watch Dave because even with all his verbal ticks, he's still the most fascinating and quickest guy on television. I don't mind the self-loathing one bit. Steve Martin I've always liked no matter how many different twists his career takes.

But Jerry Seinfeld has for some reason or other joined Robin Williams, Adam Sandler and Leno on the list of most annoying comedians on earth -- not even Jim Carrey is on that list. Not pathetic -- that would be reserved for Michael Richards, Drew Carey and Dennis Miller ("cha cha") -- just incredibly annoying.

The Bee Movie ads are as bad as the HeadOn ads, only they aren't supposed to be.

And now back to political snark.

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