Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Uniter

Juan Cole:

George W. Bush's special greatness is that his coddling of Kurdish separatism and terrorism has brought together the Sunni Turks and the Shiite Iranians, traditional enemies. Yes, these are the birth pangs of the New Middle East.

And John Cole, on the suicide of Robin Prosser, a long-time chronic pain sufferer and medical marijuana advocate:

this goes out to anyone, of any political persuasion, anywhere, who had a problem with this woman using marijuana to alleviate her pain (especially the alleged “conservative” federalists who can’t handle the thought of states making their own drug laws):

Go fuck yourself. To death.

I am tired of being patient with you nannies and your stupid self-serving rules and your slippery slopes and your bullshit and your need to be tough on crime and your earnest concerns about society. Mind your own business, get your own house in order, stop fucking interns and little boys and cheating on your wives and on your taxes and being found dead wearing two wetsuits with a dildo shoved up your ass. Just mind your own damned business, and let people do what they must to deal with their own screwed up lives, and let people handle their pain the best way they can.

I am sick of the bullshit. Life is hard for most people out there, and damned near impossible for people in chronic pain. Quit making it worse, you allegedly compassionate sons-of-bitches.

And me, who found reason 1,032,084 to hate George Bush when half my clocks automatically fell-back, only to discover that Chimpy McNutless decreed it be next week.

An academic, a conservative, and an Iowegian all coming together with the rest of the world to unite in our loathing of Bush and his enablers.

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