Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I hate to devote more time to Pammy Atlas, but sometimes you learn stuff and you just have to go with it...via the comments at Sadly, No:

Marilyn [Monroe] was my ideal girl. I adored her, I liked her, I got her - always. Still do. Her vulnerability was her strength, her weakness, ultimately her death sentence. But oh how I locked into that vulnerability. She was the ultimate babe, wildly sexy, smart, funny, and could hang with the boys and drive 'em wild. How cool is that?

The very first piece of art I ever bought...It was/is an incredible peice, mine was huge, all yellow background but Marilyn is in muted khaki green dots. Looks like she's moving. She looks like she wants you to kiss her. She looks like she might drop a tear - pure Marilyn.

I had to have it. So I bought it. I had always worked all through my youth and so I put every last nickel toward that piece and bought the Stern (it was $500-600). I still adore it, and it hangs over my bed, even today.

When you think about the inanity and the insanity of her, uh, performance pieces, and you read the above you realize you don't need mushrooms to have a bad acid trip.

Allow me to summarize through a celebrity spokesperson:

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