Saturday, October 13, 2007

Remember his name doesn't rhyme with Betrayus

AND he's Hispanic, so Lou Dobbs and the Right-Wing can unleash all manner of treasonous allegations about Ricardo (rhymes with "Retardo") Sanchez (rhymes with ah..."Traitor" [close enough for them]):

"I'm too old for this shit"
REUTERS/Anja Niedringhaus/Pool/Files

Retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez, who led U.S. forces in Iraq for a year after the March 2003 invasion, accused the Bush administration yesterday of going to war with a "catastrophically flawed" plan and said the United States is "living a nightmare with no end in sight."

Sanchez also bluntly criticized the current troop increase in Iraq, describing it as "a desperate attempt by the administration that has not accepted the political and economic realities of this war."

"The administration, Congress and the entire interagency, especially the State Department, must shoulder the responsibility for this catastrophic failure, and the American people must hold them accountable,"...

Oh, don't worry General, I'm sure Michelle Malkin has breatheless reports of you suckling a caviar & cocaine dipped Graeme Frost upon your teat in the back of your "Traitor-Mobile" this very moment -- while Ernest T. Bass is posting a heh-indeedy here and a heh-indeed there until it becomes almost as good as if it actually happened.

Anything else?

He also assailed war policies over the past four years, which he said had stripped senior military officers of responsibility and thus thrust the armed services into an "intractable position" in Iraq.

"The best we can do with this flawed approach is stave off defeat," Sanchez said in a speech to the Military Reporters and Editors' annual conference in Crystal City. "Without bipartisan cooperation, we are destined to fail. There is nothing going on in Washington that would give us hope."

He faulted the administration for failing to "communicate effectively that reality to the American people."

Well, that's it. Not only does this three-star criticize Washington Jesus AND Iraqi Jesus, he sounds like Harry Reid -- who's a losing-loving poopyhead.

This will not stand evildoer.

To move out of the realm of sarcasm, Sanchez has his own errors and problems during his tenure while the military chief in Iraq. No doubt, much of this is an attempt at rehabilitation from the knocks he received from the media, towards whom his speech is very negative -- ironically while ultimately buttressing the narrative that has been produced (Iraq=disaster). Sanchez certainly came in for criticism, now that he is gone, the Administration and others have had no trouble dumping on him. He and Bremer have pointed fingers at each other, and Abu Ghraib happened under his watch [though he was cleared of any responsibility for it]. But Bremer got a 'Medal of Freeance' and Sanchez didn't even get a 4th Star. In Bush World it is almost always the guy that gets the short-end of the stick that is the most reliable and screwed up the least. So my money's on Sanchez in spite of his own self-denial of responsibility (self-denial starts from the head down in the Bush Administration).

Just look out for Lou Dobbs General.

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