Thursday, October 11, 2007


I know it's unlikely those who love wars other people fight so they can make bad puns and poetry out of it know much about the Nobels but the award ceremony is held in DECEMBER, well after the awards are announced.

So Drudgy poo and the rest of these cretins on the Al Gore beat can go back to their usual "own meat" beat, he isn't going to spend two months in Oslo.

This speculation about Gore winning the Peace Prize is inanity at its most, well, inane. NOBODY FUCKING KNOWS who is going to win the Award, public nominations aren't made, the judges don't talk. Just this morning we found out the literature winner, and the rumors were it was going to be Philip Roth -- who did not win. Why anybody engages in this shit, when nobody knows fuck all is beyond me.

Here's my prediction, Al Gore who has no way of knowing and who has no say or control over the matter anyway WILL NOT WIN THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE TOMORROW. And when he does not win the award, there will be a HAPPY DANCE from the Right Wing about a man who had no say in the matter not winning the award, like Al Gore got punked.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I like my odds better then those predicting he'll win.



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