Friday, October 12, 2007

The Continuing Adventures of Rudi & Judi (Second in a Series)

Tonight at the Giuliani-Nathans:

JUDI: "Why don't you have a Nobel Peace Prize?

RUDY: "What do I need with a ..."

JUDI: "Listen to this fucking guy. 'What do I need with a Nobel Peace Prize?' You stupid shit. I'm not going to go down to D.C. and stand there with my thumb up my ass while Miss Parents Music Resource Center displays that thing on her fucking mantel when all I've got is the souvenir seeds from your prostate operation!"

RUDY: "Judi, what do you want from me?"

JUDI: "What do I want from you? I want a bigger house in the Hamptons -- on Gin Fucking Lane, Rudy, not some three-bedroom post-war shitbox on a fucking side street north of Montauk Highway. I want a custom-made gold-leaf iPod sleeve designed by Donatella Versace. And I want goddamned Nobel Peace Prize, Rudy. I NEED IT if I'm gonna be first lady!"
(Read Part I in the series.)

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