Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Cocktail Circuit" Update

How proud the rest of us our for the quality of 'Beltway' Nobility:

Dredge your overstuffed furniture. Scrape the bottom of your purse. Shatter your kid's piggy bank. Do what ever it takes to find $500 for a ticket to the Churchill Centre's Oct. 25 fund-raising dinner at the Willard so you can witness the presentation of the Emery Reves Award to Chris Matthews for lifetime achievement in journalism...

...the award honors "excellence in writing or speaking about Churchill's life and times, or for applying his precepts and values to contemporary issues among the English-Speaking Peoples," according to the affair's invitation.

[blogger takes two-minute break to reattach lower jaw to head]

Matthews was on Maher's show last night and when being introduced Tweety kept making his fake guffaw in the same Tourette's Syndrome loop which Olbermann subtly parodies each night during his "Oddball" segment.

It managed to be the most irritating moment of the show...really saying something when the live show was interrupted by two or three "9/11 Truthers" (the only bunch in the country to condense as much annoyance in a small group of people as a National Review Holiday Party - how about we hate George W. Bush for his actual crimes and stupidities?).

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