Thursday, December 15, 2011

And the bad news just keeps coming

Bill O'Reilly, of course, blames women for this:
An exhaustive government survey of rape and domestic violence released on Wednesday affirmed that sexual violence against women remains endemic in the United States and in some instances may be far more common than previously thought. Nearly one in five women surveyed said they had been raped or had experienced an attempted rape at some point, and one in four reported having been beaten by an intimate partner. One in six women have been stalked, according to the report
One in Five?!!
The researchers defined rape as completed forced penetration, forced penetration facilitated by drugs or alcohol, or attempted forced penetration. By that definition, 1 percent of women surveyed reported being raped in the previous year, a figure that suggests that 1.3 million American women annually may be victims of rape or attempted rape.
Beyond depressing.


Ebon Krieg said...

I'm going to my hidey-hole now...

pansypoo said...

so much for civilized west.