Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Newt Gingrich has a new favorite place for pizza

Even shittier than Godfathers:
You can go there for your birthday kids...but you can never leave.


pansypoo said...

which level of hell is that?

StonyPillow said...

School janitorial personnel deal with poisonous chemicals and asbestos as well as hazardous equipment such as floor buffers, and snow blowers. They're required to know basic plumbing, have knowledge and skills in dealing with pesticides. They clean up after sick kids. They also provide assistance to teaching staff.

Just the type of tasks you need to use to punish a a 7th grader for the crime of being born as the child of poors in NewtWorld.

In your guts, you know they're psychopaths.

DanF said...

Looks like PBSkids is going to need a new sponsor... For real.

Anonymous said...

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