Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's not political suicide, it's an attempted Murder-Suicide Pact

I guess I'm still one of those "Newt-Skeptical" guys (I think Ron Paul will somehow win here -- that's my prediction) that just doesn't think he's going to win and the air is coming out of the balloon starting January 3rd. Because nominating that guy is idiotic...and electing him is a virtual political death-sentence for all of us. ...and then he'll leave us about 2 and a half-years in for Qatar or something. BTW, if Paul actually does win Iowa, it will feel like a victory for Mitt Romney.


StonyPillow said...

There's still plenty of time for one last flavor of the month after Paul before the caucuses. My money's on Rick "Beetle Bomb" Santorum oozing into the lead at the wire.

pansypoo said...

huntsman must feel like betty.

DanF said...

Ron Paul winning in Iowa is what Mitt dreams about. If Newt pulls off Iowa, he gets a little extra boost going into NH - then beats Mitt about the face and ears in SC and FL. Mitt needs someone other than Newt to win in IA.

Anonymous said...

Great Wolcott quote via driftglass. "Gong Show" is exactly right:

"Newt’s shoestring Lazarus resurrection in the polls is... an indictment of the wet-cardboard strength of the rest of the Republican field. Here they have a clean shot to take the White House in 2012 and they troop out this Gong Show cast of contestants, most of whom couldn’t find their ass on a map.... The Republican field reflects the weak-minded, strong-willed prejudices of its base, hooked up to Fox News as if it were an IV drip. So when rightwing bloggers complain about the candidates, they need someone to skywrite for them, “If they suck, it’s because YOU suck. You’re the guys who believed once upon a fairy tale that Fred Thompson was a political steamroller and that Herman Cain was a fresh breeze."

Here’s a great set of quotes from establishment wingnuts dissing Newt (NYer, via good ol’ Sandy U. at

Huge concensus: ‘unstable’, ‘temperamentally unsuitable’
My favorite: ‘untidy’

(psst: He doesn’t wash his hands after, you know.... Pass it on. ;-)


Soooo…, what do y’all progressives think? Who would you 'like' to see get the repiglican nod?

* The creepy robot might win. (Eewww.)

* They say the slimy newt wouldn’t have a chance (if the conservative establishment really hates him, perhaps he doesn't), but even the thought of his getting so close really gives me the shivers. (And after all, Duhbya was ‘reelected’.)

Any votes?