Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finally bipartisanship

We may live in a world where nothing gets done in Congress, but thank goodness Republicans are not so intransigent and will be bipartisan about the really important stuff:  
On Thursday, a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers directed the federal government to deploy radical new powers to enforce and protect copyrights on pornography...

The vote came during a hearing to modify the text Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, a bill which gives filmmakers and the federal government the ability to shutdown entire websites that they claim are involved in piracy -- without a trial or even a traditional hearing.
Meanwhile, they cannot get Republicans to allow advancements on light bulbs...Republicans even hate the traditional representation of a good idea.

But "Big Porn", well what could be more American than a money shot?

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jimmiraybob said...

The Newt could probably garner more Republican establishment AND Tea Party support if he'd just widen his "I will arrest the judges" to "I will arrest judges, secularists, democrats, liberal Republicans, dark people, gypsies, intellectuals, and communists - anyone that disagrees with the Party platform." (But not so many Jews this time as long as they go Catholic.)

Maybe general Francisco Franco isn't still dead.

pansypoo said...